Asphalt Orchestra Plays the Pixies: Surfer Rosa

This fall, Asphalt Orchestra releases its newest project on Cantaloupe Music!

Asphalt Plays the Pixes: screaming electric guitars transform into brass exhortations; a chorus of saxophones blare searing lyrics, and a lone piccolo shrieks feedback while a 3-piece percussion section thrashes and grooves. Taking the originals both literally and inspirationally, Asphalt Orchestra discovers a new direction for exhilarating acoustic music by paying tribute to a modern monument – legendary rock band the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa – for the album’s 25th anniversary.

The Pixies released Surfer Rosa – the band’s first full-length record – in 1988. A cult hit when it was released, the album’s influence has grown to mammoth proportions over the years; it is now considered one of the most important recordings of its time. Name-checked by Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan, and PJ Harvey as a major influence, Surfer Rosa still sounds current today. With production by Steve Albini (who later produced In Utero and a host of other classic records), Surfer Rosa is raw, dirty, and utterly captivating.

Robert Black: Possessed

I’m thrilled to be working with double bassist extraordinaire Robert Black on the creation and launch of his most ambitious project to date: Possessed.

Possessed is a site-specific environmental duet, partnering the physical and acoustical beauty of Moab, Utah’s natural habitat with Robert Black’s evocative double bass improvisation. Through Possessed, Robert and his team of videographers, audio engineer, photographer and visual artist plumb the sonic depths of where humans and nature meet, celebrating the interactivity of this most fundamental yet complex relationship.

Possessed will be a state-of-the-art multimedia release on Cantaloupe Music consisting of three parts: a hi-definition surround sound DVD capturing Robert’s improvisatory collaboration with Moab’s stunning natural environment; a stereo CD featuring both music from the DVD as well as additional exclusive material; and Possessed: The Devil’s Garden, a visual art companion book to the DVD featuring original photography and art by Elliott Fredouelle.

Learn more about the project here.